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Market Research & Analysis

We bring in expertise in the following fields to ensure we enable you to make positive strategic decisions. * Finance Management – We provide you with external funding proposals, tips to maintain the optimal capital structure to maximize your market value while minimizing the cost of capital. We also act as an outsourced party to approve feasible budget plans that suit your cost structure. * Data Analysis – We are expertized in extracting information from data. This would enable actionable insights to make your decision making better. * Capital Budgeting – We help you identify if your long term investments are worth the funding considering your organizational structure. * Corporate Governance and Compliance - We use our world-wide network of corporate governance experts to monitor and analyze international developments for your benefit. Risk – Identify the risk involved in your business through an analysis numerically and present the cost if a particular risk actually occurs. * External Financing - Liaising with banks, finance institutions and investors and submission of funding proposals. * Feasibility Study – We will help you analyse the viability of your project and cost benefit of your institution. * Inventory Management and Analysis – Analyse the optimum inventory to determine to keep at hand to ensure your supplies are smooth. * External Marketing Analysis - We will help you identify external sources that can provide company, customer, competitor, or industry data to analyse the feasibility of your project/ business further.

Student Recruitment

We pride ourselves in placing students in selected universities as their wish, and guide them through the recruitment process. We pride ourselves in placing students in selected universities as their wish, and guide them through the recruitment process.

Development of Business Proposals

We provide academic writing and professional writing services which helps develop business proposals.

University Placement

The connections Barton Business Limited has with universities around the globe help in finding the right ones for students according to their needs and specifications.

Content Development & Validation

Barton Business Limited’s expertise team is adept in developing the comprehensive and descriptive learning material that is needed for distant learners, according to the module specifications provided by the universities.

System Development & Management

Barton Business Limited has experience in handling all processes from marketing and sales, Student Registration and Record keeping, Academic tutoring and handling of finances. We are also able to develop a new system or customize an off the shelf software according to your needs.

Digital Marketing

We provide comprehensive digital marketing services to bring your brand to the light across the globe. Our services include: * Website Development & Maintenance * Social Media Marketing * Artwork * Designing * SEO Settings * Pay per click settings * Direct Marketing

Immigration Services

Barton Business Limited provides consultation services for applicants who wish to obtain immigration services for education, job placements to Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and United Kingdom.