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Who We Are?

Barton Business Limited is an international service provider that specializes in education services to international students seeking higher education and advancement of foundational knowledge in a variety of important academic subjects. Our team of international education consulting experts, exemplary private tutors and liaisons has helped thousands of students travel abroad and find their right education. The organization we have built is trained for the ultimate goal of preparing students for their higher education through comprehensive course programs and through facilitating the process of student evaluation. Through successful partnerships with numerous universities worldwide, we are able to provide a unique service for our clients by making it easier for the student to get oriented and enrolled into the university in no time.

Our Business Role

What role does Barton Business Limited play in education? Well the entirety of our organization is steered towards facilitating the process of student enrollment for higher education. We do so by offering tutoring services, both online and in class, and by constantly tracking the student’s progress through assessment. We also work on the student’s application and ensure that all the information needed is submitted in time without any difficulties. Whatever difficulties the student finds, we always find a way to solve it and help him/her achieve their goals. We provide assistance in visa issuance, official documentation for travelling abroad and airport tracking and guidance.

Why Work with Barton Business Limited

Barton Business Limited offers a package of services for students which cannot be found in all education service providers. We are currently working with thousands of clients and competing at the top of the game. The services provided by us have been continuously been commended and praised by international academic institutions and by our clientele. Years of experience working with universities and educational institutions have allowed us to excel at what we do and provide ample educational opportunities to students worldwide.

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Finding the right place for your higher education can be often a challenging task and for many reasons.

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The services we provide for our students are extremely vital for them to flourish both intellectually and socially.


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Helping you settle in your new destination.